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I wanted to share something I’ve made for each of my 2 two-year-old grandsons.  I gave the first one his book for his birthday the end of October and he and his older sisters LOVED it!  Every time I would sit down, he would come running with his book for me to do with him.  It was so cute and he stole my heart!!  I failed to take photos of his book but the pages are the same so as I will give this second one to my other grandson for Christmas, I’ve taken photos to share with you.

Jax 1

Some of you may recognize this paper…it was a retired Simply Scrappin’ kit called “Creative License”.  This is the front cover of the 3-ring notebook.  The inside pages are following.  This is a quiet book of sorts.

Jax 2Jax 3Jax 4Jax 5Jax 8Jax 6Jax 7Jax 9jax 10Jax 11Jax 12Jax 13

These are from Finch Family Games.  They are meant to be at least 2-page spreads but I wanted each activity to be only 1 page so I made them much smaller then laminated them and cut out the pieces.  I tried magnets on the puzzle pieces but it didn’t work very well.  I also tried to print the pieces on magnet paper and that didn’t work either so I went with a very low nap velcro circle that I found at the local WalMart.  I even cut some of the circles in half and used only half a circle on a puzzle piece.  This is for 2-4 year olds so it won’t last long to keep their interest.  Most pages were just a matching puzzle piece and the nativity only has the “Moos” and manger in the background and the puzzle pieces are the sheep, shepherd, baby, mary, and joseph.  The games come as printed colored pieces or you can purchase them as black and white’s and color them yourself.

Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Another Non-Stamping Post

  1. Don’t you love those quiet books! Great job


  2. So good to have a new post! This is absolutely darling! I can see why those sweet boys would love it. Merry Christmas, Wendy!


  3. love your book, such a nice idea,. I’m sure it will become a family keepsake as well!!!


  4. What a wonderful blessing for the children. I can see why they loved the book. The book will continue to be special to your grandchildren. Have a wonderful Christmas and as always thank you for sharing.


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