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LDS Prom


This isn’t about stamping!  My daughter is a senior this year and didn’t want to go to the school prom but did want to go to the church prom.  Here she is all ready to go.  Now I can work on my card for OCC tomorrow because I finished with her dress and they are off… to dinner, the dance and then to post prom for Wii games.  Wasn’t that what I did just a few years ago?  Where does time go!?

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5 thoughts on “LDS Prom

  1. Your daughter is just beautiful!! I hope she had a wonderful time!


  2. Julie is gorgeous and what a handome date.
    Having seen Julie for a few years before you moved away she is lovlier than ever. Must take after her Mom and Grandma HOpe the date was a success.


  3. Your daughter is just beautiful! Hope she had a great time at her prom!


  4. She is beautiful and her dress is lovely! How nice of her to go to the church prom. I bet she had a most wonderful time!


  5. How lovely is your daughter!! and her date isn’t bad, either! : ) Thanks for letting us have a peek. I wish our ward did their own prom!


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