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Using Up the Do-Dads


Remember I was telling you earlier this week how once in awhile I feel like coloring?  Well these are some things I colored probably a year ago and have been sitting in a little box I have by my desk with unused images.   I decided to put them to use this afternoon.  They’re just small 3″ x 3″ cards–no big deal,,, just thought I’d share.

And here’s that box I was telling you about.  It a 4″ x 4″ x 1-1/2″ and is jam packed with little do-dads that I started to use once upon a time and didn’t.

Come back tomorrow for Our Creative Corner’s challenge!

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2 thoughts on “Using Up the Do-Dads

  1. Don’t we all have boxes of Do-Dads? I know I sure do. Glad you are using some of yours.


  2. Gorgeous ‘Do-Dads’ Wendy! It can be really handy having a little stash of gift cards set aside. Love the images in the first 2 cards, especially. Thank you the lovely comment you left on my blog :).


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