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So Did You Notice…


So did you notice my new blog header/banner thing?  Would you believe it took me many hours?!  I’m just not quick with this kind of stuff yet!  And it’s not a style that comes easily to me to create but I do like how it turned out (I would hope so after all those hours!).  This wordpress base isn’t as easy to create all the fun stuff like blogger so I have to make the most of what I can change!

Be sure to check back with me tomorrow for Our Creative Corner’s “Let’s Dress It Up!” challenge!



4 thoughts on “So Did You Notice…

  1. Hi,

    You header looks great. I’m only a reader. I wouldn’t dream of trying all the stuff you demonstrators do.


  2. You did an awesome job on your blog header. I’m still working on the whole blog posting thing. I love looking at everyone elses and just need to get more posts on my own blog. I love all your cards and ideas.


  3. Super job on the blog header, Wendy! It looks fantastic. I really love the colors. I believe it took you forever ’cause it took me forever to do the one for the OCC – an entire evening, but now that I know how I can move along more quickly. I had fun learning something new – hope you did too!



  4. Great job on your blog header. Love the colors and design.


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