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I’ve been hiding away in my craft room/office for days working on  a couple other projects…Journals.  I was asked to help with making 10-12 girls the ages 8-11 to make journals and to come up with a way for 22ish girls between the ages of 12-18 to make journals.  Here’s the general kit (not this exact paper) for the 12-18yr girls.  I got the general idea from Jen delMuro.

here’s one I made for me based on a card I posted on January 1st.

here’s my not so great attempt at shabby chic:

and a couple more

And here’s the one for the younger girls

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to share some more with you soon.


4 thoughts on “Other Projects

  1. Oh wow, they are all so cute, I can’t pick a favorite!! Great job Wendy!!!


  2. Wow, Wendy…’ve really out-done yourself!!! Like them all….but especially the “Because I Care” one and the black/brown one with the black K and white flower!!
    The girls will love them, as I’m sure they do you!!


  3. love your journals! i love to write, and am currently working on an album about my life to give my granddaughters. i started a journal on the first of the year, but haven’t embellished it yet….thanx for the inspiration! and I love your “shabby chic”!



  4. These are ALL great, Wendy. I don’t think I could pick my favorite either. 😀 You’ve chosen such a lovely variety to accommodate a varied age group. Wonderful job!


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